Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Smiles

Here are Five Things that make me smile:

1) Yoplait yogurt

It's okay if you think I'm weird. However, I might as well tell you I start and end my day with yogurt....
Although I'm still not technically diabetic (Thank you, God!) I am borderline, what used to be called hypoglycemic, and is now called pre-diabetic. If I don't start my day with protein, you can forget it.
I've gotten MUCH better at eating but still have to treat myself rather carefully in this area. My head is often in the clouds, and I do better with a rather strict eating schedule.
Man, you should have seen me when I was pregnant!! That was some serious eating... I had to eat something small every 2 or 3 hours, or I got weird. Sometime you should ask my husband about me eating while I was pregnant... Just for the silliness of it. All I'm saying is- forget the pickles and ice cream, I had a serious craving for protein.

2) New babies
Again, in case you have forgotten, I need to remind you that I'm a girl. New babies make me smile. A lot. I would very much like to have another baby, but have decided to be grateful the unexpected blessing of the two I have.

3) Chris Tomlin's music

I love his music, and am amazed at how the Christian community has received him over the last ten years. I had the great honor of working at Super Summer Camps with him in Texas, and am delighted to see what God has brought about in Chris.
One of my favorite memory of those camps was the evening worship times. The campers would file out after the worship time, and then Chris would lead those of us remaining in worship for a time. It wasn't a performance. We were worshipping. This time was a gift to the working crew at the camps.

4) Watching the TV show Bones with my husband
I like the show- It's always a fascinating mystery, without all the technical gore of the CSI genre (which I love by the way, I'm not dissing on them). But Jake does not like the gore or the horror of those shows. And he likes the touch of silliness in the Bones show. It's fun to watch it with him. And I'm delighted to find a TV show we both enjoy.

5) Books by Lois McMaster Bujold

Bujold writes science fiction/fantasy novels rich with characters and history. Sadly, her website kinda stinks, but at least it gives you a biography and a list of her books with some descriptions.

I like everything I've read by her, but my favorites are the Miles Vorkosigan novels.

The latest novel in the series is called Cryoburn and takes place
after Miles is happily (& miraculously) married and the father of several small children.

He is working as an imperial auditor, which basically means he gets to go be a spy for the emperor of the planet Barrayar.
While not as hilarious as Diplomatic Immunity, or as daring as some of Miles' earlier adventures, Cryoburn is a good adventure.


Jill said...

I saw Chris Tomlin at a private concert a few years ago. There were only two hundred of us in a small room as we worshipped the Lord through Chris' music. The Holy Spirit filled every nook and cranny of that room. One of the best nights of my life!

becca said...

Wow. Very cool opportunity.
The last time I saw him perform was in 2002. My husband & I got to see him in Seattle for the tour he and Louie Giglio did with the David Crowder Band.
An amazing experience...
God is good, isn't He?