Friday, June 26, 2009

Wake Me

I need clarity, vision. A direction.
I'm tired of this mundane, run of the mill, repetitious life.
I'm tired of the same, the same, the same.
Day in, day out.

I want God to speak, shake these walls.
Right on the wall with His finger as He did in the Old Testament.
I want to hear Him say, "Go here. Do this."
I'm tired of hanging on the edge, not in the middle.
Doing, Being, Used by God.

I've been there-
so close I could here Him whisper,
feel the air move as His Spirit passed by.
When did I become so crusted in sand?
When did I become immobilized, trapped by dead dreams?
When did these vines, weeds, thorns grow and cover my heart?

Prince of Peace, cut through the briar that's grown here.
Kill the dragon of despair.
Please, kiss me awake.

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