Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Blues

I hate how my cast seems to be pinning us inside the house. I've got to take care of that, take control- get us out more.
The girls get to the point where they are bouncing off the walls, sniping at each other, picking on each other just to make each other yell and scream. They are so funny! One minute playing happily coming up with fantastic adventures. Right this minute, they are pretending to be mermaids and saving each other from burning hot lava. But two minutes from now they'll probably be yelling for me to come take care of some hurt... I wish they got along all the time. But I suppose that would mean they didn't have a full personality...
I hope we can get out and enjoy the lovely weather today.
I was right- Abigail just yelled, "I don't like you anymore and you aren't my friend!"

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