Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

I took the girls to Fred Meyer's today to select cards for Jake.
Very fun. And INTENSELY crazy.
I had to ride around in the stupid little cart 'cuz of my foot, and the girls were INSANE. Looking at everything, touching everything, crying 'cuz they wanted to walk, crying 'cuz they wanted to ride on the cart with me...
They had already painted wonderful picture frames to give him, and I'm going to put good pictures in them (our printers out of ink, so I've got to order some before putting the pictures in).
But the big excitement was this- a RC helicopter. On the way to FM I asked the girls what they thought Daddy would like, and Deborah stated most emphatically that what Daddy should have is a remote control helicopter. And nothing would deter her. Nothing would sway her.
Besides it seemed like a good idea to me. ;)
Turns out, Jake thought it was a pretty good idea, too.
I've got the silliest video of my cat chasing the helicopter. Wish I could figure out how to share these things on here! Oh, well.
For right now, you can just imagine it. Luna stares at the helicopter as it lifts off, follows it around the room, then darts after it as it plummets. Very silly.

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