Thursday, June 25, 2009


I haven't posted any of my books in a LONG time. I don't know why. I've still been reading. I'll probably still be reading as long as I'm breathing.
-I've re-read the Jim Butcher Harry Dresden novels. All of them. I rented the series from Blockbuster and wanted to compare the books. Wow. The shows are interesting, but not as good as the books. I think they got Harry's character very well, but all the other stuff? not so much...
-I re-read all the Kim Harrison Rachel Morgan novels. I love those characters, in particular Jenks. Too bad he's not real. ;)
-I re-read the Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson novels. I enjoy her world. Some of her characters are a bit annoying, but the world itself is fascinating.
-I've read Stephen King's Misery. Very powerful story. Good one. I think the story really got good during the last third of the book.
-I read several Karen Kingsbury novels. I am surprised at how good they are. Good writing. Interesting characters. Believable situations. I shouldn't be surprised. But so many Christian novels are lousy. Poor writing, self-righteous characters, unbelievable situations. Just lots of preaching to the choir.
I've read lost of other stuff, but I lost track somewhere in the middle of the last two months. I'm dragging... Just way behind life. Too much has happened recently.

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