Friday, June 26, 2009

Currently Watching- Medium

We're watching episodes of Medium in the evening right now.
I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying the show. But I probably shouldn't be- mysteries, paranormal stuff, interesting relationships, good acting.
In particular I enjoy the family relationships. I appreciate the tension placed on the main character, Alison Dubois, as she struggles to be a mom, wife and deal with her special abilities.
I find the selection of gifts they've granted her kind of weird, though. Not only does she have the ability to see and talk to dead people, she also has telepathy (the ability to hear and understand other people's thoughts), precognition (the ability to see the future), psychometry (the ability to read emotions and images off of objects), postcognition (the ability to see an event after it has happened). Most fiction about paranormal abilities separate these abilities, granting only one, perhaps two, to each person. I find it interesting that they've chosen to given this character so many abilities.

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