Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Saturday Smiles Missed

I missed my Saturday Smiles posting...  Mostly because there weren't very many smiles here that day.

This is how I spent my Friday, and much of my Saturday. 

I was already wearing the big black cast on my left foot for a stress fracture.  On Friday, I was hurrying down the stairs to get to the cabin at Pioneer Park where we have some of our jewelry, and I tripped on my stupid big black cast.  And now I have a cast on my right foot, too.  My ankle swelled up so much!  Not quite as much as when I was pregnant, but wow, it was big.  It's gotten smaller since then, but now it's covered in black & purple bruises.

If you know me, you probably know I have a history of falling down stairs.  I've gotten better about being more careful as I have aged, but I haven't met a set of stairs I can't fall down.  I don't know why- I'm not clumsy.  It's like my brain is already done with the stairs, but my body hasn't caught up. I've fallen down small flights, and I've fallen down terrifying long flights...  Oh, and I've fallen UP the stairs a couple of times, too.  I've learned to hold tight to the railings, and go SLOW.  Which I forgot on Friday.  Not only was I hurrying, I was carrying a bag.  So I couldn't hold on to the railing. 

I've never sprained my ankle from falling down the stairs before, though.   I don't think I would have fallen at all if I hadn't been wearing the stupid big black cast, and I certainly wouldn't have sprained my ankle if I hadn't been wearing the stupid big black cast.

So.  Now I am stuck sitting on my tushy for a while.  With both my feet up.  I seriously feel like God is saying, "Slow down, Rebecca!"  I hate sitting around.  I want to be moving, doing something, making jewelry, shopping, walking, gardening...  I'm going insane here...

Hope my foot and ankle are better soon.

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