Wednesday, July 04, 2012

M.A.D.D. Camp

I just got back from camp!  I loved it, and am very happy I got to be part of something so cool and exciting. 
I haven't gotten to teach drama in a while, and I got to teach at Camp Bingle in the Harding Lake area last week.  What an honor and a privilege.
This week was called M.A.D.D. camp, for Music, Art, Drama, Dance; and the kids got to choose from 8 different electives.  I had the pleasure of teaching both of the drama classes. 

I saw a moose up close and personal, slept for a wee bit each night, and got to love on about 20 teens. 
I hate how shy I am!  You'd think I'd be over it by now. I'm 40!  But stick me in a casual hang-out social setting and I'm pathetic.  I can click into confident mode when I teach, but have a very difficult time getting over my shyness during meal time or hang out time.  I'd like to not have this issue, but that's just the way I function.  I'm better than I used to be... 

The most difficult part of the camp was the work-out.  The camp is built on the hills surrounding Harding Lake, and everywhere you go is either up or down.  You go to the shower house up-hill, then go back to your cabin down-hill.  Then go to breakfast down-hill, then back up to your cabin.  Then the class I taught first was further up-hill...  I think you get the idea.
My calves are pretty impressive after one week.  I'm curious to know what an entire summer would have done to my legs...  =)

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