Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Art Day

I had so much fun working on projects this week and I wanted to share a little bit of what I've been doing.

I finished off the green butterfly, so now all three of them are done.  Filigree butterflies, Swarovski crystals, and flowers.  What other combo could be quite as fun?

I completed more of the little frame hearts, but I only have one picture...  Becca, Do more pictures!  These little hearts are so fun to make.  I enjoy creating the heart, and then wrapping the flowers and crystals to the heart.  My favorite touch is the little crystal butterfly dangling from the center.  The necklaces end up very simple and sweet.

Also, I've been making these wire Y-shaped flower necklaces for a while, but I'm making them a little differently now than I did when I first started making them.

New Necklaces, Summer 2012

I used to make the entire necklace out of wire, like this:

Forget-Me-Not Necklace, Summer 2009

And this:

Blue Flowers Necklace, Summer 2008

NOW, instead of making the entire necklace out of wire, I mostly make the focal/center out of wire and then attach chain.  I don't do this with ALL my wire necklaces, but I am finding that a lot of people like them better this way.  The chain and chain extensions give the necklaces more length, and they can be worn a little looser.  Most of my clientele do not like chokers, and a lot of the wire necklaces were pretty short.  I've learned to make them longer, but people like having the option of making them a little shorter or a little longer depending on their outfit.

I still make my pearl necklaces completely out of wire, but I use a chain extender in the back.  The wire foundation works better for these viney necklaces because the weight and balance of the wire and pearls gives the entire necklace a solid structure.  However the light pieces seem to work better (less bending, less damage, less kinking) when attached to chain.  The chained wire pieces are also just plain easier to make.  They take a little less time and allow me to really fine-focus the wire details.

I'm also making them all a little more sturdy- at least double wrapping the wire and sometimes triple.  I like the viney, natural feel the extra wrappings create and I like them to be a little less fragile.  They are still delicate and dainty, but they don't break easily. I'm delighted with how quickly these Y-flower necklaces have sold this summer. I can barely keep them on the table.

It's fun to look back and see that I've gotten better at what I'm doing!

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