Thursday, July 26, 2012

God & Suffering

I just read a really good article about the nature of God, and why He allows suffering & evil.  Specifically in the light of what happened in Colorado last week.  I appreciate how the author, Lee Strobel, lovingly and compassionately is able to share what He believes:  *that God is not the creator of evil and suffering. 

He believes, (and so do I) that God is love.  And that when God decided to create human beings, he wanted us to experience love. But to give us the ability to love, God had to give us free will to decide whether to love or not to love. Because love always involves a choice.
So in order for us to experience love, God bestowed on us free will. But unfortunately, we humans have abused our free will by rejecting God and walking away from Him.  And the result of that choice has led to evil...

I trust God because I have seen how He changes lives, but my faith is not strong.  I have struggled with why God would allow terrible things to happen- the World Wars, the Holocaust, 9/11, Katrina... My understanding is weak. I'm just a messed up human who has seen miracles- lives changed, God choosing to heal one person miraculously and another by medicine.  I've also seen God choose NOT to heal someone...  And I don't understand.  I don't get it, and I trust that God is okay with me being confused and doubtful.

I've come to a point where I can step back and say, "I don't get it all, God.  I don't know why You allow what You allow.  I don't get why some things (like cancer, car accidents, mass shootings, poverty and starvation) are so hard and why some people are so comfortable.  But I know You are there for I have seen You, felt You and seen what You have done.  I trust that You can see the whole picture.  And I trust that Your plans are good, and that You love me."

If you want to read more of Mr. Strobel's article, go HERE.

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