Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ocean Flowers

I just finished this project and I'm excited about it... I've never made anything quite like this before and I'm pleased with how it turned out. I don't tend toward asymmetrical designs, but this pendant begged for something a little different. I've also never made a bail, which is the little bead wrap thing that's holding the pendant to the necklace.
I've been buying beading magazines to get some ideas about different design work and to inspire me... Some of the stuff I see is HIDEOUS! I really don't want to do beadwork just to find out if I can do something... I'd rather the result be something I'd be willing to wear.
I know I'm not really making 'art', or if it is it's more like commercial art- made specifically for a person to enjoy and buy. I love working with beads now and get excited about unique projects, although a lot of what I'm doing right now is just using beads to make projects I think people will like. My goal is to make something unique and lovely that people can't find anywhere else.
Oh, well! To see more of my stuff go here: http://www.2sistersbeadwork.blogspot.com/ It hasn't been updated in a LONG time, but I hope to do that before Farmer's Market season hits. (mid-May)

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