Monday, April 28, 2008


I've been talking to my 4 year, Deborah, for about a year now about accepting Jesus into your heart. And she prayed the prayer tonight. I got to pray the big prayer with her- the 'I want Jesus to come into my heart' one.
We've talked about how our hearts get dirty and nasty with all the bad things that we do- lying, disobeying, taking things, hurting each other... And how we can never, ever clean the bad things off our heart. That the only way to get our heart clean is to ask Jesus to come into our lives and clean our heart. That Jesus died and when He died, He took all of our sins away. And that we only have to ask Him to clean our heart and He will, 'cuz He promised He would.
I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that she prayed this prayer tonight. No, she doesn't understand all of the ramifications and all the rest of what it entails. But she does understand the dirty heart/clean heart part. And she asked Jesus to come clean her heart and live with her forever... She does understand that He died for her, and that He loves her.
I've prayed this prayer with several people, mostly youth... I have to tell you as amazing as that is, it's not as amazing as praying it with your daughter.
Pretty incredible.
Thank you Jesus for Your amazing mercy. And the graciousness with which You have bestowed this moment upon me. And that Jake got to listen on the monitor and hear our whole conversation...

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LisaKay said...

hooray!!!!! This is such wonderful news!!!!!