Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It's 2:53 a.m. What am I doing up!!!?
I got my sleep all turned around over the weekend. Taking Jake to the ER totally messed me up. We were going at 2 am every night and then had to go back in at 9:30. This may not sound bad, but we weren't getting back home until 3:30 or so. And I don't just 'go to sleep' like a normal person. I seem to need some kind of very ordered ritual to get calm enough to make the move into dreamland.
Anyway, here I go, sliding back into my insomnia pattern... I sleep a bit during the day, which messed me up more. Then the next day I'm so bad off 'cuz I couldn't sleep that I have to take a nap, which means I can't go to sleep that night, but then I'm a mess....

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