Friday, April 13, 2007

Reaching a New Generation

Typically, a church notices it is getting older and missing a generation or two in its midst. So begins a new, full-fledged, worship gathering designed for ‘young adults’ ages 18 to 35. The strategy is that these ‘young adults’ will eventually phase over into the ‘main’ worship gathering in the church as they get older. Instead, almost without exception, something happens after a few years that causes church leaders to rethink a few things again. As the community in an emerging worship gathering ages, its older members don’t outgrow their preference for worship style and approach to worship and spiritual formation. When they get to the age they need to leave, it’s not something most want to do. People don’t change their expression of worship when they turn 35. -Dan Kimball

What I keep coming back to is that the alternative (of not starting a new worship service and ministry) is unthinkable. For anybody to sit idly by and watch one-third or 40 percent of the congregation disappear, it is unconscionable… You can’t do nothing. Whatever it is that you try, at least you will be able to stand before Christ one day and say we gave it our best shot… We never quite figured it out, but we certainly did try! -Bill Hybels

Quotes from Emerging Worship, by Dan Kimball

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