Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jake's MySpace

Jake goes through interests rather rapidly- I think he's ADD, for numerous reasons aside from this, but his quick turnover on obsessions is definitely one of the reasons I'm suspicious... (Sidenote: since I taught so many ADD kids in Seattle, I've actually got some pretty good reasons for suspecting this, and it's no insult. Some pretty important people were probably ADD.)

Last month it was lockpicking. He bought a set of lock picks and was trying them out on any lock he could get his hands on. He got pretty good, too. At least with the locks he practiced on...

Two months ago it was spy stuff and he was reading about the poisoning of the Russian spy and checking daily on MSNBC for the latest details on the culprit, and researching ways to detect somone following you, and getting really obsessive about our safety- me, Deborah & Abigail.

In the time I've known him, he's gone through html, digital cameras, astronomy, drawing, psychology, sound equipment, counseling, admin assistant stuff, guns, and technical gadgets and do-dads galore... Before I knew him he went through photography, hiking, mechanical engineering, spelunking, motorcycles... I'm quite sure I've left out several other interests.

Right now, he's into blogging on his My Space account. He's got a pretty good story over there about his 'alien experience' just in case anybody is interested... Don't know how long he'll keep up with it, but you can enjoy it while he's focused.

I've finally got his shortcut working accurately on my side bar, so you can get to his blog that way or this way:

Oh, and the reason he ended up with latenightcaller was that everything he liked and tried to get for over an HOUR was taken. Finally, without thinking about it he typed in latenightcaller and it took... Now, he's really annoyed with what came out of his fingers when he got frustrated with the amount of time it was taking... Kinda freaky name. Sounds like some sick and twisted fella.

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