Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jewelry Show

It's official! We really are having a show of our jewelry for the First Friday Tour on May 4th from about 4 to about 8. Yay!!!!

Our jewelry show will be downtown at the Willow Creek Clothing Store on 12th avenue. The easiest way to find it is to turn off Airport Way onto Noble and go down two streets. Then take a left onto 12th and Willow Creek Clothing is about in the middle of the block. Coming the other way, 12th is a little bit past Tanana Valley Clinic, and you take a right onto it.

We are excited and nervous and completely overwhelmed with all we have to do... We need to create a flyer and a mailer and some different display methods... (all her display surfaces are up high and all our display stuff is for a low table.) We also have a couple pieces we want to complete... So I shall be VERY busy for the next two weeks...

We are praying that stuff sells, but really the idea is to get people to look at it and talk about it and recognize our stuff and our faces...

Anyway, Thank you, God!!!

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