Saturday, April 07, 2007

Artist Statement

Officially we are doing a First Friday show! So, we had to come up with an 'artist statement' for Willow Creek Clothing to use in their publicity for next month. And it's gonna be in the paper! (yes, Fairbanks is 'small town'). Woo-hoo! We get to be all fancy.

Anyway, here it is- If anybody has words of wisdom, we'll listen. We don't promise to change it, but we will listen. :)

Two Sisters Beading
Uncommon Jewelry
Two Sisters is the creative outlet of long-time Fairbanksans Beth Emery and Rebecca Emery-Sirevaag. We’ve been in love with beads for a combined total of 26 years and our passion only keeps growing. Our goal is to make unique and wearable works of bead art.
Here is the major complication for the show: We went tonight and saw the show for this month's First Friday and all of the display areas are up high... Really lame for us, 'cuz for display we've found all these fun glass, wood and pottery containers at Value Village and Salvation Army that we fill with rice or black gravel and then lay our pieces on them... Definitely not appropriate for up-high display space. We're gonna have to figure out some different display methods and we haven't got much money to go and change everything we've been doing... Pray for us!
Sidenote: I think this is funny- in the combined total of 26 years of working with beads, my part is only 5 years! Yup, my sis is cool!

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