Friday, April 13, 2007

Busy Week

Every night when Jake comes home he hops on the computer and works on his myspace... So, I'm not getting much time to keep up with my blog. Kind of frustrating. Although I am glad he's got something he's enjoying so much.

He just got a new job/promotion. He's been moved up to the purchaser for the sports department and he loves it. Steady hours (6-3) every day, steady responsibilities and no more blue line (when they grab the clerks and stick them on the registers because of the amount of people waiting to check out- and he HATES working registers up front), plus he has the whole weekend off! Yay! Now he has Saturday and Sunday off almost every weekend, before he had Sunday off and then whatever day they didn't need him.

This week has been very busy. I don't know why exactly- the change in Jake's schedule, getting the girls outside every day, taking walks, Deborah's had another ear infection... It's more like a bunch of things together.

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