Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Our Jewelry

We are currently in the midst of talking to two store owners here in town about carrying our stuff in their store. We've spoken on the phone to one, and she wants to do a 'First Friday' with us. (a local program where art galleries and others showcase a collection on the first friday of the month and people drive around to the different places. There's food, drink, artists and art. A very good way to deal with the cold Winters.) She was really nice, but very nervous about carrying our stuff in her shop...

We have an official meeting with the other owner next Tuesday, and they have a LOT of experience with carrying jewelry, paintings, fiber art, you name it. She started throwing out all sorts of technical stuff and we felt a little lost with her language... She definitely knows what she's talking about and we don't.

It's all a big mess right now, but we're both pretty hopeful about how it will turn out. They're talking wholesale and gross prices and changing our prices and artist statements and it's a little overwhelming. Will update when I have more concrete stuff.

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