Thursday, December 14, 2006

Warm Enough for Snow

It snowed a little today... Light nearly invisible flakes, but definitely snow.

What that means for those of you who are blessed to be ignorant of such things is that it was WARM enough for snow. Weird, huh? But if it's too cold, say -20 or so, then we probably won't have snow, 'cuz it just doesn't come down in light downy flakes beyond around 0.

So, today it was in the 5 to -5 range... Warm enough for snow.

If you don't believe in global warming you should come up here. This is EXTREMELY strange weather for December. I admit January & February are typically the coldest months in Fairbanks, but we're normally down in the -30 range now.

When I was in high school, back in '88, '89 I remember a couple of weeks of -60's and -70's. In fact, it was so cold that the bus drivers refused to drive! We were still gonna have school. (not much shuts down school up here... If we shut down for the cold, we'd be shutdown all the time! And everybody up here can drive on ice so we typically don't shut down for bad roads.. After living in Texas and Washington I finally understood why school in the lower 48 got shut down for ice and snow. The drivers down there scared me to death! Not the ice, though. I learned how to drive in the winter up here... Also, Fairbanks is not wet/humid. So our ice typically gets too cold for cars to slide around on it.) Anyway, we were still gonna have school, but the ice fog made the visibility so bad that the bus drivers all just up and said NO WAY, so school got shut down. Go bus drivers!!! Ice fog is when it gets so cold that the carbon monoxide and other gases get frozen in the air. They make a thick low lying layer of fog that can get really bad depending on how long the cold lasts...

Anyway, it's WARM for December! I guess I should be enjoying it, but I'm so busy with the FLOT thing and a sick 3 year old (Deborah's had a BAD cold for the last three days) that I'm not really getting time to breath...

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