Saturday, December 16, 2006

FLOT's "A Fireside Christmas"

It's over! We sang. We harmonized. We smiled. I soloed. Jake danced. (Well, I did, too, but that's not really shocking. It's shocking that my husband danced and smiled while doing it! :)
It was such fun! Yes, hard work, but the kind of hard work I enjoy. I was reminded of how much I miss choreography and dancing and singing in a good choir...
It went so well. Nothing went wrong that I know of. No technical problems, no falling down, no missing props, no disappearing or ripping costumes... Yay! It was a blessing and a joy to work with this cast, and I've been so glad we stuck it out...
Our FLOT Christmas show is done and we can get back to real life- like washing dishes, writing Christmas letters and putting up our Christmas decorations... No tree up in this house yet... Just you wait! We should have the tree and other stuff up starting tomorrow!

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