Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sweetest Compliment Ever

Beth & I sold our beading today at the North Pole Bazaar and experienced the sweetest compliment either of us have ever had about our jewelry...

At one of these bazaar things, when there's down time and you have a lovely sister to sit at your table and watch over your things, you wander around and meet other venders and look at what they have... This morning after Beth & I set up all our stuff early and then had extra time before the bazaar opened, so I wandered around and noticed some beautiful beading at one table and just fell in love with a couple of her pieces. I came back and raved about it to Beth and made her take a look..

Later we met a sweet lady who was selling wood work with her husband. She came over and told us she was looking for some earrings for a friend. (much more to the conversation but not important to my story: the friend's in Perth, Australia- she'd worn the earring she'd already bought for her friend at her wedding two weeks ago and now needed to replace her gift with something else.... ) Anyway, I said that if she didn't find what she was looking for she should look up at the table close to the front because the woman there had some beautiful beading and some really nice earrings. She said thanks and, after a bit, left and wandered on.

Later on she came back and said, (Now, I want to get this right, 'cuz it was so sweet and I don't want to misrepresent her.) "Yes, her work was very nice, but I do beading, and I can do what she does. I've seen a lot of beadwork and what she does is very typical. What you girls have here is unique and creative. I've never seen stuff like this. I really like your work. It's beautiful."

She made our day... Yes, it's important to hear my mom and husband and friends say that our work is nice, but to have a complete stranger make an extra effort to say something like that really meant a lot to us.

And since neither of us made a ton today (we each made a little more than the price of renting the table, so that's good), it was just very nice to hear reinforcement like that... Seemed like God provided that to get us to not fret...

Anyway, we still are madly putting stuff up on our website, but there's quite a bit there now. Look for us in my links: 2 sisters beading.

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becca said...

Follow Up: We've now had another "sweetest compliment ever"... Our friend, Valette, has showcased us on her blog-
Thank you Valette!