Sunday, December 31, 2006


I haven't really followed up on our visits to churches 'cuz there hasn't been much to say...

We've gotten in the habit of sleeping in on Sundays, and it's very hard to convince ourselves that it's worth it to even get up. We've visited one church a couple times in the last two months, and may end up joining... We both like the pastor and his family, but aren't thrilled by the congregation. Deborah would be the only one in the 3-5 year old bracket, so she would be in Sunday school with 1st and 2nd graders. And the music is dreadful, just dreadful. Plus this church was formed out of a church split... I don't like that as a basis for a church, even though it was like 20 years ago... I guess growing up in Fairbanks has affected my opinions of the churches here more than it should...

I know, I know. These are not good reasons for not considering a church. I know we're just being consumerisitic in our approach to visiting a church and considering one.

We've both prayed about finding the right church- the one God would have us join, but we're both so disenchanted with the idea of 'church' right now that it'll be a miracle if we actually join one. I trust God, I think. But I sure don't trust his bride. This experience with a pastor has been the last in a string of very negative experiences with pastors and right now, I'm feeling like I never want anything to do with 'church' again.

God, help! Please heal our hearts. It's hard to trust your 'church' when it seems so far from your plan. I do believe you want us in a church body. Please help us find the right one- a church where we can be part of a growing community and use our gifts and experiences to glorify you.

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