Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Plague

We've all been terribly sick here... I lost my voice for a couple of days and am now croaking around like a sad frog. We've all had fevers plus queasy tummy's... My mom's sick, my husband's sick (and working), my sister's sick, and both of my daughter's are sick.

Deborah is the one who brought the plague home from school... I've got to say- school may be good for many things, but we were not wishing more illness upon our house! School is an excellent incubator for horrendous germs.

Abigail is freaking us all out with her horrendous cough- she has the ability to cough and sound like we should be driving her to the ER RIGHT THEN AND THERE. She does the dry hacking thing that goes on and on and on with this lovely gasp between each hack that makes it sound like she can't get a breath at all. So, we called our doctor who recommended some good medicine just to let her sleep.

Anyway, haven't done much in the way of anything for the last week- no cleaning, no fun cooking, no beads, no nothing. But I have been reading more! I couldn't sleep for two nights 'cuz my throat felt like I'd swallowed broken glass- every time I swallowed I'd shiver 'cuz it hurt so bad. (whine, whine, whine) Anyway, read a lot! Finished off way more books in December than I thought I would!! :)

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