Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My Aching Neck

The ongoing saga of my poor neck continues...

I had another MRI yesterday, and we'll see what my Doctor says next week. My genetics and the couple accidents have led to some serious pain. I wish they could take out your spine and replace it with a nice healthy one!

I've got some fairly serious disc and nerve damage going on in my cervical spine (the seven vertebrae in your neck region), with the major damage in C4-C6.
Maybe next week, I'll even be able to show pics from my MRI!! Oooh! Isn't that exciting?

The best part was what the MRI tech said to me as she pulled me out of the machine:
"So, have you had a recent injury?"
My response: "Not recent, but I continue to have degeneration in my neck."
Her response? "Okay... Well, you take good care of yourself, all right?"

So, what does that mean? It looks really bad? It looks like my head could pop off any minute???

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