Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Crazy Weather!

It's 36 degrees here... That's crazy! It's normally minus 20-ish to minus 30-ish.. Not +30.

All the snow & ice is melting. Pretty nice for us, but not so great for the Ice Festival.

We got to go to a birthday party on Saturday at the Ice Festival, which had just opened. The carvers are still busy creating their masterpieces, and now they are going to start melting. Before they can even be finished.

The girls got to skate for the first time. Wish I'd taken my camera! They were so cute! Abigail was very leery, but Deborah LOVED it. I'm glad we haven't bought skates yet, but we probably will end up doing so. We just borrowed some 'cuz they'd never tried it.

Deborah kept marching and marching, and pushing her envelope. Trying hard to get better and better. While Abigail was more like me, screaming and clinging to her daddy. =)

Anyway, we had a blast. I was hoping we'd get to go back next week (Spring break), but now I'm afraid all the snow will be gone....

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