Sunday, March 28, 2010

Etsy Favorites

The dangerous thing about selling on Etsy is this:

when I've posted a new piece I'm curious about how long it will take to come up in the search engine (about 3-5 minutes as near as I can tell), so I go looking...

And I see stuff I like...
But also very inspiring! =)

I end up finding things I love, and things I want, and things I think maybe I could make differently, perhaps better, but generally just through the filter of my own vision.

(This is not pride- I just think about how I'd make something similiar, or what I would do a little different- It is meant as an homage to the originality of the pieces I love.)

Here is an example: I ADORE these organza butterfly earrings, made by Jewelera on Etsy. I think they are wonderful, and
would really love to own a pair... (She's got some other cool things, so if you like this you might want to check out the rest of her shop)

So I made something kind of similar to sell here in town. Instead of the butterflies printed on fabric, I used inexpensive butterfly-shaped paillettes and confetti.
I love how hers flutter. Mine flutter a little differently than hers, and they don't have the print of the REAL butterfly wings; however, they shimmer and shine in a way hers cannot. My paillettes have an amazing iridescent quality, particularly the white ones.

Anyway, if you like them, come check 'em out at our Etsy shop!

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Jill said...

Hi Becca! Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left on my portfolio post. I will be adding your blog soon. I am far behind!

I had the best time working with you. Your jewelry pieces are absolutely beautiful. :)