Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Blogging Better? Nailing it down

Okay, so last week I read several articles about making a better blog, and I got to thinking...

When I was regularly blogging about what I was reading at least I had something to write about all the time.
And when I was regularly showing pics of the weather here, I also had something regularly to write about (even if it was only a monthly thing).

They also suggested that I'm supposed to decide who my audience is, and write to them.

Hmmm... And while I'm reading I'm thinking to myself, "my audience??" I don't know that I can clarify exactly who pops up here. Some moms. Some family. Some friends. Some Christians. Some art people, or at least people who have interest in creating something. Who are you all out there?

So, I'm going to try to have two things I post about regularly- 1) the art I'm creating, and 2) the books I'm reading. And though this feels rather arbitrary, I'm going to choose two specific days:
Wednesday for Book reviews (in Honor of Deborah's library day at school), and
Friday for Art days (in Honor of First Friday Art shows).

In conclusion, check back tomorrow for a book review!
And to all you readers and bloggers, BLOG ON!

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