Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fifth Disease

Abigail broke out in this crazy rash on Wednesday, and we all thought it was an allergic reaction to something.

It wasn't.

Turns out she's got something called 'Fifth Disease', 'slapped cheek disease' or technically, Parvovirus in humans. (different than the parvo animals can get.)
And while it's not a big deal normally, if you are pregnant it can cause a miscarriage. Or if you are chronically anemic, it can cause your body to completely stop making red blood cells.

Great. I'm chronically anemic, 'cuz of my endometriosis. So, I'm gonna have to really pay attention to my energy level, 'cuz it can kill you. Pretty scarey, huh?

It starts out as a simple cold. Then kids get this red rash on their cheeks (thus the 'slapped cheek' slang), then the rash goes all over the kids bodies. By the time you see the rash, they aren't contagious anymore, though. By the time you realize it isn't "just" a cold, it's too late. 'Cuz you've taken the kid everywhere and she has infected everyone around her.

Adults don't necessarily get the rash everywhere. In fact, most of the time they don't even know if they have it. They might end up with joint pain, like arthritis, or they might not. And it only kills people with anemia or immune deficiency problems.

I'm so delighted to have learned more medical facts! (sarcasm, please read sarcasm there.)

So, I'm praying that I don't get the serious side effects...


RandiSirevaagNelson said...

What about Abigail? What does this mean for Abigail?

becca said...

Her rash is almost gone, and she's doing great. She never got the fever they told us to watch out for, and she was happy as a clam. I was also worried about her, but the doctor told us as long as she doesn't get the fever, or feel bad she can do pretty much anything she wants. She never had any side effects, and it looks like we might be out of the woods completely!