Friday, May 29, 2009

Summer Time

Well, the girls are home, and I'm BUSY. I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off.
Deborah had her birthday on Memorial day! She's 6. Her daddy took her to Walmart and bought her a little cheap camera and she's been taking pictures of everything- cats, dolls, ponies, family, her hand. She's lovin' it. I'm glad it's digital and we're not paying to print the pictures! ;)
Beth and I have been at Farmer's Market 2 Wednesdays and a Saturday. Around 3;30 last Saturday we all started getting antsy about the black nasty clouds blowing in. Most of the vendors started packing up a few minutes early. Just as the 4 o'clock time hit, we were deluged. A heavy rainfall dumped on us, and almost blew the tent next to us away. The potter next to us had taken her weights off and then started packing up her stuff. Ooops... Her tent lifted up off the ground about 3 feet, and two of us dove to help her.
So far, Farmer's Market has been slow. We've sold a handful of items and would like to sell more! But, we've already had a lot of people say they'll be back- Hope they actually do come back... ;)
We had very hot temperatures last week- 80's, which is hot for May up here. And this week it's been rain, rain, rain. The ground needs it, I know, but I'd love for it to be sunny and nice.
Anyway, I probably won't be getting much blogging done this summer, but I never know... :)
Happy Summer!

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