Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Yup, I'm still having fun with the clipboards! ;)
I know it's not art. I know not a single one of these is done.
But I'm having fun.
And I'm learning. I had no idea how LONG doing collage work like this took...
Good grief. The layering thing takes FOREVER.
You've got to wait for everything to dry before you can go on to the next layer. And when I'm finally done with the layering, I've got to let each coat of mod podge dry before I can paint another coat on. And Beth seems to think I should have at least 4 coats of mod podge.. Is that true? Do I really need that many???

I've got five different clipboards going right now.

First- the green & turquoise with blue flowers.

Next the green & blue geometry piece.

Third, and my second favorite, the orange & turquoise paisley piece.

Finally the yellow sunflower clipboard.
So, I can at least say that I'm having a lot of fun... And discovering all sorts of interesting tidbits about glue, scissors, and ribbon.
I bought most of the paper and supplies while I was on vicadin for my surgery, and my favorite part of that was me congratulating myself in the store for my good taste.... I may actually think most of the time that I've got good taste. I suspect most people think they have good taste, or at least think they like what they like. But I was in there actually saying things to myself like, 'Wow! Becca look at how nice those things look together! You are really good at this!!'
At least I wasn't saying it out loud. Just in my head.
Something I probably wouldn't have been saying to myself unless under the influence of good drugs...

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