Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bead Star Finalist!!!

2 of my pieces made it to the finals!!!
I'm jumping up and down! And kind of giggling.

We went to Farmer's Market today and had a TERRIBLE day. We didn't sell a single thing- either of us. Yuck. I hate days like that. Even one thing would have paid my mom for watching the girls...
So, I came home and was pretty much a walking zombie. Tired, 'cuz I didn't sleep well. Sad 'cuz I didn't sell anything. We ate dinner and Jake took the girls for an 'adventure' (a walk down towards the river) After getting the girls to bed, I dawdled around and got to bed.
And laying there I realized, it's the 16th! They'll have posted the finalists!
I dashed down here and checked. And I've got two items that made it to the finals!!! That does not mean I'll win anything, but it's very exciting.
My Mermaid's necklace made the finals in the seed beads category, and my Tangerine Jublie made the finals in the plastics! Woo-hoo!!!!

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