Thursday, May 07, 2009

April 7

God, Thank you for my sister!
Today is her birthday. Thank you for her friendship and loyalty, her silliness and all the memories.
I pray that you would give her the mind of Christ. Increase her creativity and ability to accomplish what she wants. I pray that you would fill her with your spirit, and guide her choices. Grant her wisdom and grace, and let her know beyond a shadow of a doubt the depth and width of your love for her. May she have a glimmering of the strength and power of your self-sacrificing and inescapable love.
God, help me with my girls. Show them how much you love them. Please let them choose you, and want you. May I be the mom they need.
Help Deborah with her temper.
Help Abigail with her independence.
I pray that Jake would have a blessed day- a peaceful day off work. Be in his mind and heart and on his lips.
Grant that my mom would have a painless day and the ability to do what she needs and wants.
Lord, hold Alana in your hand. Keep her baby safe. Give her doctor wisdom and insight.
Continue your healing in Susan & Jason.

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