Saturday, May 02, 2009

Entries for Bead Star

Here are my entries for the Bead Star contest. I'm pleased with most of the pictures. ;) We'll see how it goes.

Sadly, I entered 3 of my pictures before realizing that there was a request for ALL of the necklace to show. Ooops. So, three of my pieces (and the three I think most likely to have done well) will probably not qualify. Oh. Well.

I should have read all the instructions before taking the pictures. Duh.

My family and I had fun coming up with fancy/silly/absurd names for all the pieces, and I hope you have fun reading them.
Tangerine Jubilee

Entered into the Plastics category
Onyx Geometry

Entered into the stones category

A Mermaid's Dream

Entered into the seed beads category
(See how the whole piece doesn't show? I should have had the clasp and dangle showing in back...)


Entered into the Hearts category (Isn't that silly? I don't know why they have a hearts category. I think it sponsors something... Anyway, you're supposed to use heart shaped beads or images in your work.)

Dragon's Flame

Entered into the metal/ wire category
(Another piece where the clasp isn't showing...)

Halcyon Breeze

Entered into the glass category
(the last piece not completely showing...)

Berries on the Vine

Entered into the Pearls category

A Monarch's Kiss

Entered into the Swarovski Crystals category

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