Sunday, May 25, 2008

This is from my friend, Donna Smith, a missionary teacher in Papua/New Guinea. Please remember to pray for her and her family.
Hi there, friends-who-pray,
Here is an update about my mom, Anne Smith. Mom successfully had surgery to remove a section of her bowl, including a colon cancer the size of a ping-pong ball, her appendix, and other bits. She recovered in the hospital for less than a week, and is now eating normal food, though resting more than usual. The bleeding ulcers are being treated with medication. She found out that she has a third thing wrong with her digestive system: celiac disease, the inability of the intestine to handle gluten (a protein in wheat and other grains). Eating gluten has damaged her intestine so she can't absorb nutrients normally--hence the anaemia. A gluten free diet and lots of time (months or years) will repair the damage. Mom returns to Australia in a few months for a check up.

Mom and Dad leave Australia on Sunday, overnight in Port Moresby and fly SIL to Ukarumpa on Monday morning. I'm relieved at the outcome--though Mom is bummed at the thought of a gluten free life!--and we all are so thankful for the successful outcome of the surgery and for all your prayers. God has been merciful to us.


Donna Smith
Ukarumpa International School
Papua New Guinea

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