Tuesday, May 13, 2008

FaceBook. Again.

I'm spending too much time on FaceBook. I like it. I'm having fun.

Good Things:
I'm getting to keep up with some friends I haven't seen since 2000.
I'm getting to play silly games with them, and get frequents post about their lives.
I'm getting to see pictures of their families & old pictures of the drama team I was in with them.
I'm getting updates on some serious prayer concerns- (one of them has a newborn who was born with a rare & almost always terminal skin condition- Please pray for the baby, Emma & her parents, Vickie & Denny).

Bad Things:
Too much time on FB means not enough time with my girls & my husband.
Too much time on FB means not enough blogging!
Too much time on FB means I'm not doing much beading... which equals loss of income...
Too much passive input means less creative output...
I hate dishes already! Now I have a really lame excuse to not do them... 'I've got to play my turn in Scramble.' Wait. Is that a good thing or a bad thing...

Anyway, got to make better choices. I know it'll be over soon anyway, 'cuz summer is coming. Deborah's last day of school is tomorrow & then I'll have her all day, every day. Maybe that fills some parents' hearts with glee, but it fills mine with trepidation....

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