Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Screamer & A Sketch

I helped out in my church's 2 & 3 year old class this morning. Man, there was one little girl in there with a wicked shriek. Every time she'd scream I'd jump a foot and then cover my ears till she was done... Yikes! High pitched and LONG.
I hate it when kids scream just to scream and really try to prevent my girls from doing it. It still happens sometimes, but they end up with consequences. Abigail screams sometimes when she's angry, but we've got Deborah pretty much broken of the habit. I hate it when kids scream just to scream. Especially inside! When they scream I want to see blood or something, a reason for a scream...
Abigail was really sick today so it was kind of weird to be in her classroom without her. Jake stayed home with her and Deborah went to church with me. I don't want to be in the class room every week, but they need the parents to volunteer every 6 weeks or so. Next time I think I'll try to be in Deborah's room.

Last week Jake & I got to be in a sketch!
Our church is in the process of starting a drama team. And I'm getting to be a small part of that. When we joined I asked if they'd ever used drama and if I could help with some. They'd already asked a couple at the church to head up a drama team and it's been a pretty slow start.
Weird news: I knew the couple they'd asked! I knew them from my college drama department- actually, the first Sunday we visited the church I got to see them baptized. Really cool. These were some people I had been praying for and really never expected to see anything come of that. Pretty weird how God ends up surprising you. There were many reasons we ended up choosing this church to stick with, but that was pretty far up there for me- that they had reached out to this couple with their secular background. And that God brought me there to see the results.
Anyway, back to the sketch. I haven't gotten to do drama anything since we left Shannon Park, and it was WONDERFUL to get to be part of something. It was a Willocreek sketch called 'Parents on the Sidelines' about two couples at a soccer game. A very good script. Jake actually did it with me! It's always fun to drag him into something like that. Poor guy. He didn't know being married to me would mean doing drama with me! I'm glad he's game even if he's not confident!
Here's our church's address just for the curious: Warning: it's not the best church website I've ever seen, but it does the job. Actually, taking care of fixing our church's web address was one of the first things Jake did when he was hired as secretary at Shannon Park. To see the website he established look here: The theme and verse have changed a little since we were there, but it's his hard work that shows.

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