Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Most Serious Health Concern, Part 4

A Trip to the ER
So, I was in agonizing pain and had finally agreed to go to the hospital…. Getting me to the ER was a task in and of itself… I couldn’t get into the car ‘cuz I couldn’t straighten up, move or bend. I was locked into this fetal position, moaning and groaning. I’ve got this odd flashback memory of getting in the back seat of my aunt’s car head first and folded over in fetal position.
Nobody knew exactly what was going on, and when we get to the ER they’d only let my mom go back with me (which worked out fine, I honestly couldn’t handle more people at the time). I remember gripping hold of my sister’s arm, and saying I wanted her to come with me. She’s told me since then that from my appearance & behavior, my family was completely freaked out and had thought that I might even die.
Since I’d already had appendicitis the doctors quickly ruled that possibility out. From my behavior and pain level the ER staff was convinced I had a tubal pregnancy, which infuriated my mom and annoyed me. They demanded that we do a pregnancy test even though we told them that wasn’t a possibility. (This is still a touchy subject around here- that they wouldn’t believe me- but I know lots of young women will lie about their sex life or the possibility of a pregnancy.) By the time the pregnancy test came back negative I’d had some good pain medication and was doing better. And now I had the ER staff as concerned as my family was…
They did an ultrasound (even with the pain meds that test hurt so bad that I really can’t describe it- if you’ve had an ultrasound you know they have to press the sensor very firmly against your skin…), and we found the problem. I had a dark black cyst about the size of my dad’s fist against my uterus. It had ruptured and was obviously bleeding or leading fluid. And then we remembered the endometriosis…

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