Friday, March 21, 2008

Childhood Fears

There's a great post about childhood fears over on Word Tangle-
Here's my reaction to her post:

I remember the terrible fears of my childhood: the dark and these monsters in/on our walls...

The dark was a real thing to me, like it could reach out and grab me although I was also afraid of the monster hiding in the dark.
In the house I grew up in we had wood paneling, and the knots and natural wood markings would look like there were things in the walls trying to reach out and grab you- there was a swirl/knot in the door of our closet that looked like a shrieking woman ghost reaching out with a long arm. And in the wall over my bed there was a swirl that looked like a demented monster rabbit. My sister and I were talking about these recently and realized we both had nightmares about these swirls- and my mom walked in on this conversation and was shocked she'd never known....
I wish I had pictures to show how real these 'monsters' were... Suffice it to say I'd still be terrified of the woman on the closet!

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