Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Frozen Forays

This is a picture taken from the Fairbanks newspaper of the World Ice Art Championships. Every year many artists come from around the world- Russia, China, Japan- to try their hand at ice carving. Apparently our ice is amazing, very clear, lovely and rewarding to shape. This picture was taken in the kids area of the park- slides, mazes, spinners- great fun. In fact, even though it was -20 on the day we went last year the girls both started crying when it was time to go.
This year we've had STRANGE weather. The carvers have been working in t-shirts 'cuz we've had temperatures in the 40's! Crazy. May sound cold to you, but March is known for it's negative temps here.
My little family hasn't gotten to go this year because the girls have both been sick. Probably by the time we get there it'll all be a puddle of water...
If you're interested in better pictures of the Ice Art, look here: http://www.icealaska.com/ or here: http://www.icealaska.com/08/08mb8/08mbdaily/indexmb08.html The first address is the home site, and the second is the index of this year's pictures. Some of the pictures aren't very good, pretty blurry, but it's amazing to see the sculptures taking form.

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