Friday, March 28, 2008

Crazy, Crazy

Jake's been in Blaine, WA (way Northwestern WA) with his parents for the last week and our house has been crazy!
The girls are VERY difficult with their Daddy gone. Deborah threw an hour and a half temper tantrum on Monday. I stuck her in the car and drove her around until she calmed down- took about a half hour. She was so angry! It took her refusing to talk to Jake on the phone two different times before I finally realized she was angry at him. That's where all the anger was coming from in those tantrums. Wow. I'm not looking forward to him taking any more week long trips.
Abigail's been clingy- "I want Mommy!" She wants to sit on me or next to me or have me carry her everywhere. And she's been WAY past that stage for a long time. Most kids go back through that sort of behavior when they're sick or something traumatic happens. I guess Jake being gone for the first time since she was born constitutes trauma.
Anyway, he comes back tomorrow! Hallelujah!

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