Sunday, February 10, 2008

A week of weather

We've had a week of -35 to -45 here in Fairbanks... Plus nasty ice fog. Which means Deborah's been home most of the week 'cuz her bus doesn't run when it's that cold.
I'm not supposed to run when it's this cold, 'cuz then I have trouble breathing. I have mild asthma- mostly triggered my weather and activity. And of course our weather this week triggered my asthma. I hate using my inhaler 'cuz it makes me shaky and wakeful so I avoid it til I absolutely have to use it. And I've had to use it several times lately. Makes me feel like a druggie coming off a high or a diabetic running out of insulin- all quivery and jumpy. Yuck! But as my family points out, better use it at home than be carted off to the ER.
I saw the coolest thing last night- I was out and about doing errands and driving across town. We've got two overpasses in town- one on the Mitchell expressway and one on the Johansen expressway. As I was driving on the Johansen overpass I saw the ice fog blowing across the ground and then lifting up over the expressway. There was enough wind to keep it flat, slim and straight- like a finger of fog trailing something and pointing it out. Or like some evil thing directly out of Harry Potter... Just a sliver of long trailing fog... Very cool in the dark.

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