Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Death of 'Cats'

Our copy of Webber's 'Cats' has finally passed into oblivion. As near as I can tell, the girls watched it 60 times in the last month and a half... I guess I now know the resiliency of the average video tape after being stored. My mom purchased it about ten years ago, watched it once, then Beth & I probably watched it twice. Then the video languished alone in storage for probably ten years... After being brought into the light and viewed repeatedly, it is officially dead.
Poor sad movie. Poor sad girls! They've requested the movie several times over the last week and explaining that a movie is broken doesn't work too well for a 2 year old.
It's very fun to listen to Deborah singing 'Memory'. She's doing pretty good on the melody for a 4 year old, but her version of the words! I'm glad I can control my giggles after years of defending our cats' sensibilities. (If you dont know, cats HATE to be laughed at, and so do 4 year old girls.)

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The Renzntzman said...

Would you like my VHS copy? I think I still have it. I could mail it to you.