Saturday, December 15, 2007

This Week

I'm tired! For many reasons I haven't slept well this last week, and I've not had any time to do fun things... So I haven't checked my email, and I haven't blogged, and I haven't done much beading. I did read a book- 'It' by Stephen King. And I think it made me depressed on top of being sleep-deprived. Probably wouldn't have made me depressed if I hadn't already been sleep-deprived...

Reasons I haven't slept:
Jake's been snoring like a choo-choo train
And Luna's been climbing on me
And my feet haven't stopped moving
And Abigail's been having nightmares
And Deborah's been waking up early and in a bad mood
And I've been feeling bad

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Susan Stevenson said...

Stephen King is my all-time favorite author, although I just can't get into the Dark Tower series. Have you seen the movie "IT"? Frightening! It follows the book pretty well. It's perfectly cast too (in my opinion). Ever since reading/seeing IT, I don't have any warm and fuzzies for clowns.