Saturday, December 22, 2007


This week I've been substitute teaching at a local Christian school. I loved it! Made me realize how much I miss teaching.
I had called Fairhill Christian at the beginning of the school year to see if they had any openings. They did but the details involved (VERY low pay, changing Deborah's schooling, finding & paying for daycare for Abigail) meant I really couldn't even consider the position; however, they asked if I'd be willing to sub. I thought, 'that probably won't work, but why not?'

So, I got called about a month ago to sub for the 7th & 8th grade class for a week. Mom and I worked out the details, and I got to go to school! I admit that 7th & 8th graderes are my least favorite ages to work with, but these kids were great. Hard to call them kids- such an awkward age! They're not really kids, but they're not really young adults or even teenagers.
Mr. Hopkins suggested that I do some drama stuff with them since that's my area of expertise. Most of them enjoyed the games and the others went along without complaining. ;)
We did some grammar, some literature, some Bible, a couple finals, and some hanging out... A math teacher comes in to do their Algebra with them, so I didn't have to do that- Thank God! I've helped kids with their Algebra homework at Huntington & at Chrysalis, but it's pretty much the blind leading the blind... The one thing I'm really good at is catching their basic math mistakes. So, if they can remember the process we generally get to the right answer. There's a wonderful thing in being the teacher and having the answer key! But I didn't have to do that this week.
I was surprised at how sad I was on Friday! As much as I'd missed my girls this week, it was good to be back in a classroom.
Thank you God, for the gift of this week. The kids I got to work with were a blessing. I love teaching, and I hope it's something You allow me to do again. Thank you for my girls! I'm enjoying them more today than I have in a while! :)

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