Thursday, December 27, 2007

Advertizing poster 2

Based on a friend's suggestions, (thank you Patrick!) I've made some changes to our poster...
We made the original for our show at Willowcreek Clothing, and I actually don't remember why we ended up creating the poster in Word. Something to do with time, lack of fonts and general stress. Something didn't work right in Publisher and I had to make some changes and I got frustrated... We had to get the posters to her by a specific time and ended up working on it up to the last minute...
So, this time around- no stress, lots of time, plus Beth had found the font we used on our business cards! Yay!
Anyway, here's the poster the way we actually want it to look! So, if you have any suggestions now, I will take them under advisement! I'm actually pretty happy with this now, so I probably won't change it, but I will listen. :)

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