Friday, December 07, 2007


It's snowing right now- Big soft flakes. This is Luna's favorite perch... She's sitting on top of the printer and watching the snow fall. When I'm on the computer she loves to be where I am and watching out the window is a bonus! It's warm today- +18.
We've had a very warm winter so far. I admit that I like it, but the weird weather is not good for our plants and plumbing. We've had a low snow year, which means the plants and plumbing don't have the insulation they'll need if it gets colder. Who knows if that'll happen...
The week of Thanksgiving we had temps up to +40, (VERY WEIRD) which means the snow we did have (not much) melted into rivers of water. Then the rivers froze that night and became an ice rink in parking lots and on ski trails. The skiers are having a lousy year- low snow, plus warm temps means hard nasty ice... Which is almost impossible to ski on.
The mushers are having a lousy time, too. The river ice isn't thick enough to safely mush on and the low snow means yucky mushing trails.
Nobody knows exactly why, but there's a small wolf pack active close to Fairbanks. So far, they've only been picking off pets (they've killed & eaten 3 dogs), but that probably won't last. They'll probably move on to kids waiting for school buses... I guess their normal hunting grounds aren't yielding this year and now that they're used to being around town and having easy prey (at least one of the dogs was chained- horrible way to die), they'll probably stay around. So, that's one result of the weird weather.
I love the warmer weather, though. Fuel is so expensive right now, and the warmer weather means we're using less fuel to keep the house warm. Nice side bonus of the warm weather- saving money.
Plus, it's warm! I know you probably think I'm crazy, but +18 is a VERY big difference from -40. That's what we normally have around now. I hate anything below -20. It's painful!
Right now, I'm going to sit with Luna and watch the beautiful snow flakes falling and enjoy the warmth.

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