Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wasting time

What if we went through life never wasting time? ‘Think how severely we should be judged,’ Jesuit priest James V. Schaal reminds us, ‘if we never did a thing that was not simply useless! We would literally go through life doing nothing for its own sake.'

Even God ‘wasted’ time. ‘On the seventh day God rested and drew breath,’ the Bible says….
The first thing God sanctified was not a place or a person or a thing, but a time: Sabbath time. We need Sabbath time more now than ever.

We have as a Pilot one who sleeps in the back of boats. When ‘nothing’ is happening, something is happening. The technical term for silence should not be ‘dead air,’ but ‘live air.’

When water is still, it becomes clear. So, too, the mind and soul.

Quoted from Summoned to Lead, by Leonard Sweet

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