Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Painting- Well, "Cats" really...

I promise/swear I have painted more than cats, but that seems to be all that I'm finding right now... Oh, well.

Our professor had us do a series of at least 10 painting of one thing- so I chose cats. We live with 3 right now, so it seemed like a given:

*Luna- very definitely my cat. She is the most "normal" cat I've ever met, the only weird thing she does is creep up into my face when I'm sleeping- she was abandoned by her previous owner and I think when I'm sleeping she gets worred that I'm leaving her or something. She HATES it when the food bowl gets low and starts trailing around behind me like she's afraid I'm going to forget her;

*Nene- my sister's freaked out-paranoid-anorexic cat who weighs less than 7 lbs... She throws up about half of what she eats, the vet and Beth have tried about everything they can think of to get her to gain weight. We don't know if she's so thin 'cus she's so nervous or if something else is going on. She's tiny and thin as a comb-Nene is short for Mnemosene;

*Gidget- my sister's other cat who has adopted my mom despite her strong objections- So named because she was the teeny-tiny runt of the litter and now is this huge fat 16 to 17 lb aggressive thing with a bad attitude.

My family has had four other cats who've passed away (Tiger, Sox, Midnight and Persephone), and I painted them using pictures and memories... totally NOT what my professor wanted, but those paintings are the ones that turned out best. Go figure... The ones where I painted the cats while they were in front of me got some weird perspective things going on- the only way I could paint them was asleep and they kept moving...

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