Friday, February 02, 2007

Our week of nastiness

Aargh, this last week has been so bad I don't even want to THINK about it... We are recovering from the pinkeye episode last week, but still doing the eye drops.

My mom has been really sick and mostly hanging out in bed, aching and tired... We figured it was the pinkeye getting her down, until...

Tuesday night, Jake and I woke to Deborah's screaming, went in there to find her with vomit all over her bed... We cleaned her and her bed up, got back to sleep, only to wake up to the same thing in another hour or two... She stayed home from pre-school, and just laid around on the couch all day.

Then as a bonus for our lovely week, our electricity was turned off Wednesday morning... My mom had been paying the back bill every month instead of paying the full bill. Then she had a meeting with them to arrange payments, but because she'd been sick she missed the meeting... Ooops.

Thank you, God, that we've been having atypical January/February weather!!! Normally it'd be -30 to -45... But this year it's been VERY warm, more like +10 or so... So the house got pretty cold, and we all stayed up bundled up, but it wasn't too terribly bad. We put up candles as it got darker, and my mom found my Dad's coin collection by candlelight. We got the girls in bed and then my mom, my sister and I played Phase 10 til 1:30ish by candlelight all bundled up in blankets and extra layers of clothes... Kind of like camping. We ended up having a really good time.

My dad had collected coins, and divided them among the three of us before he passed away. Mom didn't want us to have to sell them, but she knew it would eventually have to happen. So between that and her paycheck on the first we were able to make an appointment to get the electricity back up the by the next day- Thursday...

Except Thursday, I woke up sick, really sick. Throw-up and aches and chills sick... Made me sad I hadn't been more compassionate with Deborah the night before... Jake stayed home and watched the girls- ('bout drove him crazy, too!) I stayed in bed most of the day... Later I got up (about the time we got our electricity back) and tried to figure out things I could eat without throwing them up... I spent a fairly miserable night last night trying to find a way I could lay without my stomach hurting or my joints aching.

So, near as we can all tell- My mom, Deborah, my husband, my sister and I all had flu just with different symptoms.

Today, Friday, I'm shakey, but okay, and the house is warm again!
Our week is over! Surely, next week can't be as bad as the last 2... :)

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